So what happens next?

You might think that if you call the police or another service that it will make things worse – you may think your family will be split up. The police have been specially trained to deal with family and domestic violence situations and they will make sure you and your family are safe.

This might mean you and your mum and/or other members of your family will have to go to a refuge or stay somewhere else until you are safe, or that the person who is abusing you will go away for a while and get some help to deal with the problem.

Maybe you are afraid you won’t see your parents again, or that mum and dad might separate permanently. This could happen but what could also happen is that your parents get some help to manage the problem.

Change is not always bad – it can be scary but it can also be a good thing.

Remember – you don’t have to deal with this stuff by yourself. Your safety, and the safety of the rest of your family is the most important thing.

Talk to an adult you trust like a relative, youth worker, school counsellor/chaplain, or teacher about what you are going through. You could also contact one of the services in the Get Help section of this website for further support and information.